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| Semanario El Veraz | San Juan, Puerto Rico | |
The lie of the 3,000 dead in Puerto Rico

By Jorge Felix
Editor of the Weekly "El Veraz"

To read this article in Spanish click "Here"

This other saying that it is the first time, since this weekly was born, that an article is going to be published in relation to the Puerto Rican reality, never before in 15 years that this Weekly has already been done, and the reason was simple, this It is a Weekly of Cuban reality.

But seeing that no medium in Puerto Rico has the honesty, the ethics, the decorum and the shame of questioning the lie of the 3,000 dead ... I decided that someone should do it.

To begin with, the figure of 3,000 dead is a "Lie of the Democratic Party", which Puerto Ricans do not believe in, but they only echo the lie in Puerto Rico, the media that have a anti-republican and anti-Trump agenda

Puerto Rico received more money from the Trump government ... than what was received in the United States ... during the passage of the Katrina and Sandy cyclones together.

As an example I will put the data of Katrina and Puerto Rico:

When Katrina FEMA in the United States distributed $ 566.4 million only in assistance to the people who asked for help ... here is the evidence


In Puerto Rico to this day, $ 1,300 million have been distributed only in assistance to people who asked for help ... we are not talking about the money given by FEMA for repairs to the infrastructure of the island, such as roads, bridges, the electrical network.

Here is the evidence


This single fact discredits any lie that the Democratic media try to demonstrate, inside and outside of Puerto Rico, which were the ones that paid the "democratic investigations" carried out by the North American Universities, to harm President Trump and the Republican Party in the next elections of November.

It's a lie so big and so dirty that even has class, lie sponsored by the Governor of Puerto Rico, which is saying, militates in the Democratic Party, lie also sponsored by the Bolivarian Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, from day 1 of the Cyclone, he asked for help to the serial killer of Nicolás Maduro.

Everybody ironically said in Puerto Rico, that for the Governor, appearing in the morning on television, wearing a cap and not shaving ... he had already done for Puerto Rico.

The case of Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz was a thousand times worse. This one who writes to you, the day after the Cyclone, made a tour around Old San Juan and could see the disaster caused by María, I noticed each one of the fallen trees, in each pile of rubble of each street.

Three months later I made the same tour of Old San Juan ... Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, had not sent for a branch of a tree ... the fallen trees were in the same place, the rubble in the same place.

On November 20, two months after Maria, Old San Juan was dirty and abandoned as if the cyclone had just passed, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz was in the United States, spending her time at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz will remain as the most unhygienic Mayor in the history of Puerto Rico

But let's go back to Ciclón María ... As a person living in Puerto Rico, I can say that the Trump government's response was immediate and fantastic, making the island recover sooner than expected.

If it is not for the aid approved by TRUMP ... the Puerto Ricans would have recovered 10 years after cyclone María.

FEMA assistance was immediately activated by focusing initially on helping the survivors and the victims of the storm, offering food, water and shelter.

In the first weeks, FEMA delivered over 74 million liters of bottled water, 17 million gallons of water, 63 million meals and 1,100 electric generators in Puerto Rico after the storm.

After visiting the disaster areas in the United States in the wake of Hurricane Irma and Harvey, two weeks later, Trump arrives in Puerto Rico and his words were as follows:

"If you see a catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans in 2005 and left more than 1,800 dead and you see what has happened here that have been so far only 16 dead, we must congratulate all the Puerto Ricans"

That was the death toll given by the Governor of Puerto Rico to Trump two weeks after Cyclone Maria.

Almost a month after Trump's visit, on October 10, 2017 the figure given by the government of Puerto Rico was only 45 deaths, as shown by the report of that day given by CNN

But back to Trump's visit, when Trump toured the island by helicopter, he realized the real magnitude of the tragedy, when he saw the destruction of the electrical system that according to figures given by the government of Puerto Rico was 75 thousand electric poles fallen, destroyed bridges, the destruction of communications.

And that tragedy, more than anything, was an economic tragedy, not a human one.

What was the worst of Ciclón María in Puerto Rico?

The total loss of the electrical system of the island, the total loss of communications.

Personally I toured the island and yes, every 2 blocks there were 1 or 2 electric poles on the ground, it did not matter in the direction you were driving, you saw the same disaster of the electrical system on the ground, the cell phones stopped working because the repetition towers they had fallen in much of Puerto Rico.

There was no gasoline and the little that there was, was used to supply the power plants of hospitals, nursing homes and the Aqueduct System.

Hospitals and nursing homes received the highest priority, which also attacks the theory of 3,000 deaths, hospitals had the basic conditions to care for patients who were admitted or who arrived at their facilities, despite the fact that the terrible conditions of Puerto Rico with the Hurricane.

Trump almost immediately, approved the aid in 18,700 million dollars, of that money about 1,270 million were destined, exclusively, for food assistance of Puerto Rico.

Immediately after Trump's visit, the skies of Puerto Rico were filled with helicopters transporting aid to different parts of the island.

FEMA has provided more than $ 4,600 million to Puerto Rico in public assistance projects, which include repairs to the island's infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, the electric grid and individual assistance. FEMA hired more than 7,000 people in Puerto Rico, in order to make the prolonged efforts of the recovery.

Since the onset of Hurricane Maria on September 20, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has approved more than one billion in grants to survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

More than 1.1 million residents in Puerto Rico had filled out the FEMA assistance application.

It must be clarified that a large part of the requests for assistance made to FEMA were completely frivolous, not to say fraudulent. I personally conversed with several inspectors who were in charge of validating the claims made and were categorical, 70% of the claims were inventions.

One of the inspectors tells me:

... I arrived at that house in Barranquita, after giving thousands of laps to get to the place, then the complainant tells me that the water came in through the kitchen and broke the refrigerator, seeing that it had 2 refrigerators, I explained that FEMA did not pay luxuries, that if it had only one refrigerator and lost it, FEMA would give it the money for another refrigerator, but if it had 2 refrigerators, FEMA would not give it anything. The lady quick as a lynx tells me that the other refrigerator was borrowed.

Another Inspector tells me:

... I traveled more than 80 km, to discover that the person was claiming a wet mattress

This type of people who were not few ... delayed the help of those who needed it, of people who had lost everything.

Who has not helped FEMA?

For most are people who are "occupants", invaders of property and land, which do not belong to them.

All the coasts of Puerto Rico are full of invaders, which they have built illegally, that's why they do not have property titles. Many are people who have properties in another place and illegally built properties on the coast to spend well on weekends or rent those properties for profit.

You can not expect FEMA to give you money for something illegal that you did, it would reward crime

For people who have title deeds and who are victims of the cyclone, FEMA approved aid, for an amount of up to 40,000 dollars, for which they did not have to pay a penny.

For those who went over that figure, FEMA could approve a loan of up to $ 200,000 for the repair or replacement of a house.

The only requirement for that was to be the legal owner of the home or business that suffered the damages.

To date, the agency has granted 557 million in financial assistance for rental, repairs or reconstruction of housing; including 105 million in rental assistance to 122,000 survivors in Puerto Rico and the United States.

It has also granted 468 million for expenses related to the hurricane and not covered by an insurance policy such as personal property, transportation, medical, dental, funeral and moving expenses.

Other aid provided includes $ 794 million in disaster loans with low interest rates approved to more than 20,400 survivors and 746 business owners through the Federal Agency for the Development of Small Business (SBA, by its acronym in English).

In addition there are four million in Disaster Unemployment Assistance to more than 14,000 residents; 1,600 million in food and 361 million in water for survivors, and those efforts will continue for those who still need resources in their communities.

More than 125,000 FEMA awnings were distributed and more than 54,000 Blue Ceilings from the US Army Corps of Engineers have been installed.

A total of 10,742 individuals continue to participate in the Transitional Housing Assistance program through hotels in 40 states and in Puerto Rico.

In addition, 525 million have been allocated for FEMA Public Assistance grants for emergency protection measures and debris removal operations, including $ 66 million in debris removal costs and 882 emergency generators for critical facilities; more than twice those used during Hurricane Katrina.

But let's go back to the 3,000 deaths of the Democrats.

Still in April of 2018, the Government of Puerto Rico reported 64 deaths

But then as the November elections approached ... the Democratic machinery of lies was activated

- CNN sent to visit funeral homes in Puerto Rico and the reports totaled 499

- The New York Times says that 1052

These figures were not enough for the Democrats.

A month later, in May, the Democrats and the government of Puerto Rico paid him first to Harvard University, which delighted us with 4,645 deaths

According to the houses visited at random by the "Democratic investigators" of the University of Harvard, it gave an average of 1.4 dead persons for each house visited.

Let's go so low that they do not accuse Harvard University of being exaggerated.

In every house that the "Democratic Investigators" visited, did they find a dead person? In what cemetery of Puerto Rico did the investigation?

And the most surprising thing is how the Democratic media treat the Investigations of the Universities of Harvard and George Washington, as if they were the sacred word of the Catholic Church ... but is it that the Catholic Church is not full of pedophiles?

Well, in the same way, these Universities are full of aberrant Democrats who cling to a hot nail to carry out their propaganda and communist lies.

The figure of the 4,645 dead given by Harvard University was so grotesque that they had to look for George Washington University to lower that figure a bit ... which was finally around 2,975.

But you had to find a figure that was easy to remember so there would be no confusion in the lie.

That figure that is easier to remember and repeat is ... 3,000 ... and again 3,000 ... so that the lie has no confusion

These are the same universities and Democratic investigators who gave their polls and investigations to Hillary Clinton as a safe President of the United States

And nothing, we know what happened, the American people went out to vote en masse for Trump because they realized the lie and manipulation

The lie has short steps. If it is true about the 3000 deaths, showing the tombs and the death certificates, possibly only reach all 600 deaths and disguising myself as a Democrat.

Several FEMA inspectors tell me that the first question they asked when they visited a house was:

... In your family someone died as a result of cyclones Irma and Maria?

In 99.99999999% of the time not to say 100% ... Nobody had died

There is one last aspect to which I am going to refer, the Puerto Rican politicians have historically stolen the nails of the Cross from the North American Government ... with the Cyclone Mary they rubbed their hands to steal.

Recall how they agreed to the Electric Power Authority (AEE) and Whitefish ... to steal the money that came from the United States.

The Puerto Ricans themselves shouted to the FEMA Generals who visited Puerto Rico:

... not a penny for the Puerto Rican politicians ... because they steal everything.

FEMA having knowledge of this ... had to become administrator and distributor of the aid, because he did not trust the Puerto Rican politicians

Not for pleasure, Puerto Rico is listed as the most corrupt state in the American nation

Finally Trump is right when he says:

... The number of deaths went from 16 to 64 ... "over many months" ... And then, "as if by magic ... '3,000 dead'" ... "Fifty times the Original figure "" Not at all "

By no means President, is it just an invention, a Democratic lie in complicity with some of dubious morale in Puerto Rico, to try to win the Congress and the Senate in the November elections.

That most of all denotes the lack of scruples of those who lend themselves to lying.

© Fecha de Fundación 30 de Julio 2003 El Veraz - Derechos Reservados